Monday, April 20, 2009

After 4 or 5 days of feeling really well, and good news regarding the test in that I don't have to go to Boston to have it has brought some more not so good news.  It turns out that one of the meds that I am on is contraindicated for this scan.  The doctor doesn't want me off the medication and is now trying to determine what other medication he could potentially put me on instead.  I will have to wait for the medication to completely be out of my system before we can proceed with the testing!  We are extremely frustrated with all of this and are becoming more and more concerned about the amount of time that has passed and the continued waiting we are dealing with for the surgery.  This waiting game is taking it's toll...I am trying my best to be patient and trusting in the Lord...I know that this is his timing...I just don't understand why we keep hitting so many bumps in the road!

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