Saturday, April 4, 2009

Was up last night at 4 much on my mind!!!!!!

On a fun note, Jess is loving softball at the school.   The practices are intense, but she is having a ball.  They got there uniforms and she is extremely excited about that!  Can't wait for her games to start soon!!!

Danny took a leveled reading test this week and read at grade level with 98% accurracy and good speed!  Comprehension is still a struggle, but the school is working hard with him on that.  He wants to play his bass clarinet in the student talent show in two my good friend Dan would say...Yikes!!!

Jake is spending the day outside at the local Boy Scout Camp for "Chuckwagon."  An annual team competition that tests their knowledge and skills.  The teams consisit of boys from all different age groups.  It is wet an muddy but should be a fun day!!

I'm going to get some exercise...yeah...very light and very limited, but's better than nothing!!!

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