Friday, April 3, 2009

This afternoon the surgeon called to talk to me about the films I had brought with me to my appt.  He had the radiologist at Beth Israel review them and it turns out there is a 3 cm lesion below my right kidney.  The pheo is in my left adrenal gland.  He wants me to have another MRI at Beth Israel to take a closer look at this lesion.  It just so happens it was on the "scout film" of the MRI that showed the pheo, but apparantly was missed by the radiologist here in town.  We are very thankful that we chose to go to Boston at this point and that this was found before I went in for surgery!  Sadly the surgeon said that it is something that will most likely need to be removed.  That being said, I am no longer a candidate for laprascopic surgery and will have to have open surgery instead.  This means a longer surgery, longer hospital stay, and longer recovery.  Don't know if the date of surgery will be moved up because of this...time will tell.  Oh and I forgot to mention that not only does May 21 mess up our camping plans, but our anniversary (17 years) is May 23rd!

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