Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The good news is that there is nothing wrong internally that is of concern.  The bad news is I still have this unexplainable pain.  I'm going to try Naproxen for the discomfort and I may even try an over the counter sleeper.  Night time is definately the maybe I'd feel a lot better with a good nights sleep.

Drove today for the first was a bit uncomfortable, but I managed and didn't have to go more than about 5 miles or so.

Took the kids to the grocery store, who were amazingly helpful.  They pushed the cart and loaded to groceries up at the checkout.  Jess loaded them into the car and they helped carry them up the basement stairs, unpack them, and put them away.

I managed to sneak in a nap for an hour, which was good...and not uncomfortable :)

All in all a pretty good day!

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